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Honeymoon Photoshoot in Milan

What sounds better than having your honeymoon in Italy, the most romantic country in the world? Some couples opt for exotic beach vacations after their wedding, while others decide on something more cultural and urban. Italian cities are perfect destinations for a romantic getaway, and this honeymoon photoshoot in Milan is genuine proof of that! Tiffany and Ty embraced the opportunity for a honeymoon with a difference and commemorated their special moments with an extraordinary photo session! 

Couple looking at each other in Duomo Square, Milan

An Autumn Romance 

Only a few people like to travel in autumn due to rainy weather during this season. However, Tiffany and Ty did not mind the multi-layer clothing and rain for their honeymoon. They wanted something special, and their Milan photoshoot turned out to be magical and authentic. 

Instead of beaches, they had spectacular backdrops of exquisite architecture and breathtaking autumn foliage. Nothing is more fascinating than the majestic views of Milan, even when the sun is not shining. The city offers so many glorious features that you do not even think about the weather. The couple was amazed by their surroundings, and by their photographs, it is evident they enjoyed each moment they spent in this magical Italian city. 

Milan engagement photos are often more common choices among newlyweds. So, we opted for breathtaking locations to capture their romantic trip. 

Couple walking in the rain with Milan's Duomo in the background

The best Milan Photoshoot Locations 

Considering Milan is the mecca of fashion, glamour, and architecture, we had a difficult decision to make when it came to photoshoot spots. The couple desired to have the famous buildings in their honeymoon portraits, so we included the well-known tourist places for their photo session. Luckily, as autumn approaches, the number of tourists decreases. This gave the couple an advantage when it came to miraculous photographs without crowds in the back. 

Couple hugging against a coloumn in Piazza Duomo Milan

Couple walking down Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

However, we did not decide only on Milan popular hotspots like Piazza del Duomo or Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The best Milan photographers will tell you that magical places are not always the popular ones. I suggested taking advantage of the city’s hidden streets and less-chosen angles for their photoshoot like in Brera district. This was a crucial decision that led them to the photographs they wanted!   

Couple hugging in Piazza della Scala during an autumn rainy day

Embracing The Rainy Weather

The rainy weather may have done them a favor and encouraged people to stay at their homes, so the newlyweds ended up with perfect photos without many people in the back. Even though rain is not ideal for a honeymoon photoshoot in Milan, Tiffany and Ty embraced it to the fullest. They did not mind getting a little wet or the gray skies in their background. 

Couple's legs with autumn leaves on the floor

On the contrary, this setting allows us to achieve a dramatic effect with a romantic touch. The locations we chose for our photoshoot in Milan did not disappoint us, even in the rain. Everything looked perfect and absolutely authentic!

Ty and Tiffany made a great decision when they opted for a photoshoot in Milan for their honeymoon. They obtained breathtaking photos and unparalleled memories of their special moments. Their photo session was exquisite and gave them a way to remember and relive their honeymoon uniquely! 

A man hugs his girlfriend while holding an umbrella in Brera, Milan

Couple looking at each other under a portico in Milan Italy

Black and white photo of couple looking at bustling Piazza Cordusio, Milan in the background

Couple posing in front of metro station in Cordusio square, Milan

Couple walking with umbrella through Milan streets as a vintage tram passes by

Couple looking at the rain with Duomo di Milano on the background

Close-up black and white portrait of a couple kiss

If you are interested in creating picture-perfect memories in Milan, please get in touch with me, I’ll show you the best angles this beautiful city has to offer.