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Choosing The Perfect Outfit For Your Venice Photoshoot

So, you’ve finally decided to have your very own Venice photoshoot – I’m more than delighted! Rest assured, the Floating City will provide more amazing backdrops than you can think of, so spectacular photos are surely guaranteed. That said, you might want to get used to people swooning over your photos for a long time every time they come around your home.

However, as with most things in life, preparations are in order – your Venice photoshoot included. While you needn’t worry about all the magical spots you’re about to visit (I’ll take care of that!), you might want to take a second to think about your outfit choices.

Now, I’m pretty sure your wardrobe is filled with so many cute pieces that you have a hard time figuring out what to wear for your photoshoot in Venice. Luckily, you have a local by your side who knows the city inside and out!

As I’ve been in Venice for as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten pretty used to its weather, which will surely help you with your outfit choices. However, in my experience, I’ve noticed that some couples make mistakes with their color and pattern choices. For instance, the city has a neutral color palette all around, so rocking a blindingly bright fuschia dress may not be the best choice. And this is just a smidge from what I’ve picked up over the years.

Venice colour palette for outfit ideas

I know how challenging it can be to prepare for your Venice photoshoot style-wise. For that reason, I have rounded up a few tips that will help you choose the perfect outfit(s) for your session. While I always advise you to stick to your personal expression, remembering these things when planning your outfits will result in images you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Weather in Venice

Venice is situated in northern Italy, which boasts a varying climate. In more conversational terms, this means you can expect hot summers and cold winters, while spring and autumn come with occasional showers and sudden weather fluctuation. That said, when thinking about what to wear for your photoshoot in Venice, you’ll need to check the forecast for the upcoming days. If you’re traveling in the more “surprising” seasons, i.e., autumn and spring, I definitely recommend bringing back-up options because you never know what weather conditions you may face. 

Autumn outfits for Venice Engagement photoshoot

Whatever the season, you should adhere to one simple rule for your Venice photoshoot – never underdressed. I don’t mean this in terms of style but rather whether your outfit choices are suitable for the season. For instance, wearing a sundress in the middle of winter will only result in odd outcomes. The same goes for wearing knee-high boots on the hottest summer day. Simply remember to always dress appropriately for the seasons, as this is a foolproof choice.

Color Choices for your Venice Photoshoot

We’ve scratched the surface regarding your outfit color choices for your Venice photoshoot, but this needs to be explored in depth. As previously mentioned, the city is adorned with neutral shades, including beige, brick, ochre, and teal. While you’ll see heaps of people wearing all sorts of colors in Venice, wearing them for your photoshoot may not be the wisest idea.

Think about it – if you’re wearing a brightly-colored outfit for your photoshoot in Venice, all the attention will go into it rather than the atmosphere around you. For that reason, coordinate your outfit choices with the scenery around you and with your partner. That means going for neutral shades and tones that won’t clash with the environment.

What To Avoid

The only way your Venice photoshoot will turn out spectacular is if you showcase your personal style. However, you may want to avoid particular colors and patterns.

As you’ve probably gathered, I absolutely recommend straying away from bright colors like canary yellow and fuschia, especially in the colder months. Even if you do decide to wear them, you’ll stick out, but not in the way you expect. Black and white is completely fine, as long as it’s coordinated nicely. In other words, avoid wearing identical outfits to prevent a visual blur when standing close to each other. Instead, aim for complementary colors and add a dash of contrast, if possible.

I also recommend avoiding wearing highly distracting patterns. While I know Italy may inspire you to bring your A-fashion game and rock outfits you wouldn’t normally wear, I suggest you keep them for the streets rather than your Venice photoshoot. These will only clash with the city’s historical appeal and may result in undesired outcomes.

Finally, big logos and huge writings are a big no-no. Even if you want to portray a luxurious feel to your images, you won’t achieve this by flaunting a designer logo you could see from a mile away. On the contrary, it will most likely end up looking kitschy. For that reason, you should aim for simplicity. You wouldn’t imagine how gorgeous and elegant the Venice photoshoot will end up by wearing a simple yet eye-catching dress.

Outfit Ideas For Your Venice Photoshoot 

Before you start planning your outfits for your photoshoot in Venice, I would like to offer a few ideas that will surely come in handy!

  • Spring: Since the weather is unpredictable, layers are your safest bet. That said, opt for T-shirts, jeans, and long dresses paired with a nice and comfortable jacket.
  • Summer: Lightweight and breathable dresses, T-shirts, and shorts. Don’t forget your sunglasses and straw hats!

  • Autumn: Sweaters and light jackets. However, the weather can get quite cold in November, so layer up!
  • Winter: Elegant coats paired with long pants and neutral-colored sweaters or shirts. This is the perfect time to accessorize, so think scarves, gloves, and woolen hats.

With these style tips, your outfits for your Venice photoshoot will be foolproof! Naturally, you should consider the city’s ambiance, but don’t compromise your personal style. Instead, coordinate it!

Now, I’ll stop being a fashion guru and go back to what I do best – being a Venice engagement photographer! If you have any questions or want to schedule your session with me, get in contact!