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How to Choose The Perfect Place to Elope in Italy

Elopements are now sophisticated and intimate celebrations, ideal for people who do not want to follow traditional bridal norms. Nowadays, couples who strive for a romantic and private union choose to get married privately in a dreamy location rather than plan a big event and spend a fortune on their wedding. Moreover, an elopement allows you to create the exact celebration you have always envisioned for you and your partner and make your own rules. More precisely, you get to pick how to celebrate, what activities to include, and invite only people you want to be close by your side. That is why an Italy elopement is the perfect way to mark your new beginnings uniquely and remember them for a lifetime.

Newlyweds share a kiss against the picturesque backdrop of the Tuscan countryside, celebrating their marriage in Italy

When it comes to dreamy locations, Italy has always stood out from the rest of the destinations due to its glorious features. It is a very versatile country, meaning you can find exactly what you want – starting from an elopement place and scenic spots for your photography session to diverse activities to make your day memorable. 

Choosing a Place for an Italian Elopement 

Since I was born and raised in Italy, I will not act solely as your Italy elopement photographer. I like helping my clients in any way I can. So, I am at your disposal if you need to find the perfect spot or manage details about your elopement. Moreover, I can be of great help when it comes to negotiating with vendors. Considering I speak Italian, I can guide you with your deals, so there are no misunderstandings. 

When it comes to picking the perfect place to elope in Italy, things may get a bit tricky. There are many locations, so you can easily find yourself at a crossroads when trying to find the ideal one. Italy has many diverse landscapes, and each region is characterized by a distinguished culture, food, and customs. That is why I have come up with some suggestions to give you an idea of what your Italy elopement can look like.

1. The Gorgeous Natural Surroundings of Dolomiti Mountain 

People who prefer natural surroundings will love the idea of getting married in the lavish treasures of Dolomiti Mountain. This spot is known for marvelous hiking trails and picturesque landscapes that bring out nature’s calmness and tranquility. 

Couples who love spending time outdoors will fall in love with the scenery Dolomiti Mountain offers. If you and your partner are also trekking enthusiasts, you should consider the majestic horizons seen from this area. Exchanging your vows surrounded by lavish greenery and natural serenity will make your Italy elopement dreamy and magical. Moreover, this setting will add authenticity to your big day, so it will truly stand out from the traditional weddings we are all familiar with. 

Since we are talking about getting married outdoors, you will get the chance to be very creative with your appearance, too. You may still wear white, but you will surely need to opt for more adequate shoes. 

2. The Magical Area of Lake Como 

Eloping does not mean not getting the chance to plan an elegant and sophisticated celebration. Lake Como is characterized by gorgeous landscapes and luxurious sights ideal for an elegant big day. Many restaurants, villas, and hotels with opulent features will add a dose of magic to your Italy elopement.

Foto di Ovidiu su Unsplash

Besides being able to say “I do” in one of the most astonishing Italy elopement locations, you will also get the opportunity to end up with majestic photographs of your special moments. Lake Como is abundant with picture-perfect spots, so making your bridal portraits diverse and versatile will not be a problem. Moreover, the surroundings are ideal for wearing chic bridal attire, meaning you will still be able to pick your dreamy dress even if you decide to elope.

3. The Romantic Venice 

Venice is one of the most commonly chosen places to elope in Italy due to its beauty and dreaminess. In this city, you can find whatever setting you desire and plan a celebration exactly how you imagine. Whether you long for an elegant ambiance or a more relaxing one, you will find it in the heart of Venice. 

Due to this versatility, you can have a unique Italy elopement. Exchange your vows on a gondola or some of the city’s secluded bridges. Take marvelous photos in front of popular landmarks and create unforgettable experiences for you and your partner. Celebrate your love on a hotel terrace with breathtaking view. Venice will help you achieve the effect you want and end up with the perfect celebration, you won’t be disappointed.

4. The Stunning Hills of Tuscany 

Countryside lovers will love to get married in the spectacular surroundings of Tuscany. This area is known for its fascinating landscapes that leave people in awe. However, it is also one of the best wine regions in the world. This means that you will not only marry in breathtaking scenery but also enjoy the area’s treasures. 

To get creative with your Italy elopement, plan it in a winery. There are plenty of them, and each comes with an extraordinary ambiance. Besides enjoying wine, your photographs will turn out magical and authentic. Also, do not miss out on the chance to engage in thrilling activities, such as horse riding or vintage car tours, and get the most out of your Italian adventure. 

5. The Breathtaking Coast of Amalfi 

If you want to explore the coastal side of Italy, then you need to consider Amalfi for your elopement! This side of Italy is astonishingly charming. It is a place of enchanting villages, magnificent beaches, and great food, so there is nothing not to love about it! 

Having a stunning elopement on the beach or in one of the numerous venues at your disposal will be a glorious experience. You can even opt for an elopement on a boat if you decide to make it a one-of-a-kind celebration. Getting married in Positano or Amalfi is a decision you will never regret, and you will realize that once you get to see the photos of you in this spectacular Italian region! 

Sunset in Amalfi coast

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Picking an Italy elopement location is not easy, but with the appropriate guidelines and determining exactly what you want, you can come to the right decision. As your photographer, I will help you with both small and big details so you can truly feel the magic of Italy! It is your day, meaning you deserve to have the best! 

To see what Italy elopements look like, please check out my portfolio and get some inspiration. If you are ready to start planning your big day, feel free to contact me and I will share with you a more detailed guide to plan your perfect day.